12 of 12 – November 2019

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Hard to believe, but now another month has passed and we’ ve already arrived in November. If I go by my inner clock, I’m still somewhere at the end of September and so I’m a few weeks behind the calendar. Meanwhile we’ ve arrived in autumn and I wonder where the last weeks have gone. This 12th is a good example of everyday life in my present lifetime and I’ m grateful for this project because the photographs and the resulting review of my everyday life always make me smile.

1. The morning begins with hands-on work. Meanwhile the car wears the “winter boots” and before I drive to work, the wheel screws are tightened again. At this point a big thanks to my little helper.

2. Arriving at the office, I start my working day with the checking of e-mails. For this I need a cup of magic potion. This helps to open the eyelids and to wake up the tired mind.

3. The working day is packed and the dear colleagues have added Christmas articles to the snack basket.

4. Here we have to get along without a picture – but I’ll explain it quickly:
After my old sewing machine finally gave up and there was nothing left to save, I decided to invest in a new one. Therefore I recently went to a dealer for advice, found a suitable machine, ordered it and today I received the call that the sewing machine has arrived at our dealer and can be picked up

5. After I arrive home, I take a walk around the garden. I notice again how much I love autumn. It seems as if the nature wants to say goodbye with an enormous play of colours before the winter begins. I love the way the trees herald spring with their blossoms and the first tentative leaves, recede into the background in summer and give priority to the colourful, spectacular perennials, and come back at the end of the season to enchant the viewer with all their colourfulness. What a magnificent spectacle! Then the circle closes and the trees return their energy to their environment in the form of old leaves. It seems as if the trees want to give the soil back the energy they have borrowed to survive throughout the year. Maybe it sounds strange, but I am always fascinated by these little things – everything follows this old pattern and is nevertheless unique. And it works. Year by year.

6. Today I succeed in taking a snapshot of the afternoon sky. The weather: most of the time cloudy with temperatures of 4-5 °C.

7. At these temperatures a scarf and some gloves are essential for me.

8. On my garden walk I pass the flower pots and have captured these unfaltering flowers. Despite the first nights at around 0 – 1 °C they still keep up bravely.

9. The typical tasks in the house need to be done.

10. Now we cook. I chop onions and with a few other ingredients I prepare a quick dinner for us.

11. After dinner I wrap the gift for our reliable cat-sitter. Some delicious sweets from our holiday in Vienna. In addition, there is a home-grown peperomia (this should be the variety Caperata Rosso).

12. Last but not least I get to unpack the new sewing machine. On the way home after work the admin stopped by the dealer and picked up the machine. After unpacking comes the disillusionment: unfortunately it doesn’t work. You can’t wind up any thread and sewing doesn’t work at all. We read the instructions, consult the Internet and in the end we decide: pack everything up again, drive to the dealer the next day and have the machine checked.

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